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my first trading post! woo hoo!


i. alternating glow in the dark pink stars with glittery blue beads
ii. pearly pink, purple, blue and white stars alternating with glow in the dark pink beads
iii. the magical rainbow bracelet! purple, yellow, pink, blue, orange and green flurescent stars (i have three of these)
iv. purple glow in the dark stars alternating with clear blue, glittery blue and navy beads
v. alternating white stars with black beads
vi. glittery pink stars alternating with purple glow in the dark beads
vii. pearly pink stars alternating with pearly white beads
viii. simple but sweet bracelet with alternating purple, pink and turquoise beads

for those in the u.k. each bracelet is just £1 (including p&p) and in the u.s. i make it around 1.5 dollars per bracelet.

please comment with your contact details or email me- :) thankyou very much
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