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my first trading post! woo hoo!


i. alternating glow in the dark pink stars with glittery blue beads
ii. pearly pink, purple, blue and white stars alternating with glow in the dark pink beads
iii. the magical rainbow bracelet! purple, yellow, pink, blue, orange and green flurescent stars (i have three of these)
iv. purple glow in the dark stars alternating with clear blue, glittery blue and navy beads
v. alternating white stars with black beads
vi. glittery pink stars alternating with purple glow in the dark beads
vii. pearly pink stars alternating with pearly white beads
viii. simple but sweet bracelet with alternating purple, pink and turquoise beads

for those in the u.k. each bracelet is just £1 (including p&p) and in the u.s. i make it around 1.5 dollars per bracelet.

please comment with your contact details or email me- :) thankyou very much
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ooh, for those in the u.k. i'm charging £1 per bracelet (including p&p) and if anyone wants to swap some of their junky jewellery for the items above, then i'm all ears!
can i have no 6 please?

i can buy or trade.

there's pics of what i have in earlier posts. just ask cuz i think some may have gone by now or been taken apart.

let me know, thanks =]

~ lotski x
£1 for number 6? email me- ♥
did i ever send you the money for this? =/ i've totally lost track :|

errrm.. what's your real name, if you don't mind? and whereabouts (town) do you live?

i don't THINK i've recieved any money from you. i've lost track too, but i should be able to recognise your details if i have sent it on!

email me at the address in my post of you don't want to disclose the deatils on the community!
my name is Charlotte Treitl.and i live in lancashire.

i dont think i sent anything to you o.0

=/ send me yr address and i'll see if i remember it ;) xxx
they've all gone now, but i'm making extras upon request :) just email me (address above)