yuumimochi (yuumimochi) wrote in tendeadfingers,

Heya, I made this charm bracelet for a friend and I'm thinking about selling them now ~ look you can now wear your favourite japanese candy on your arm!! ^_^

But i'm really just thinking about selling to UK or european buyers cus P&P would cost me a fortune elsewhere and I wudnt be able to organise payment..

Anyway here it is - 5pounds for UK buyers

Oh and I also make star and bell dangly earrings. See! *points down*

Two possible colour combinations but I also make fushia stars and yellow stars, bell colour is up to you as I hand paint them anyway ^-^

I'm willing to sell the earrings for 3 GBpounds a pair

For more information or if you're interested then please email me at yuumimochi@hotmail.com and use *sales* as the subject. Bu bi for now o^-^o
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